I'm having a little hard time with life at the moment.
I started feeling down in January but thought it was just jet-lag, hormones, winter, whatever. And then I had this massive nosebleed in Istanbul when my sister was sleeping and I thought "oh, so anemia is back, that's why I've been feeling down". But it clearly wasn't just that. Followed a marathon of shifts, mostly overnight that left me completely drained. Winter was still there so this meant I barely saw light of day for a week and I paid the price for it. My circadian cycle was all over the place, I was so sleep deprived, my body didn't understand when was a good time to eat so I was on a two-meals-a-day diet, hungry all the time except when I actually had food in front of me. And then boom, my periods hit for the second time in three weeks. Something is wrong. My hormones are all over the place. And when hormones are all over the place, it shows up there. And things that shouldn't necessarily trigger me did: friends having dark thoughts needing help, podcasts about sexual assault, conflict with colleagues... And now I'm down. I have not been in such a dark place in more than a year. I made SO MUCH progress last year with dealing with my depression - even though social anxiety peaked as a result - but I feel like now is the right time after 5 years to make an appointment with my therapist. I feel like I am now ready to open up to her more than I ever did and finally fix the issue that's been killing me slowly for twenty years.

I know there are a lot of pictures and I always hated when bloggers did that but I need to be feeling myself at the moment.
Also look at my amazing brows. I went to the salon and the lady completely messed them up but I fixed them with my Benefit product.
Thank goodness for makeup sometimes tbh.

Top Drop Dead / Skirt Boohoo / Chocker Zaful / Shoes T.U.K.

Armelle De Oliveira

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