I'm an edgy fashion expert, music lover, tv show binge-watcher, globe trotter, Anglo-Saxon culture addict, movie fan, environmentally-aware vegetarian, ardent feminist and wannabe Gryffindor's heir. On this blog, I share my personal looks, wishlists and inspiration boards, music playlists, lifestyle posts, natural hair tips, make-up hacks and opinions on issues ranging from racism, feminism and ecology.

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Ecology has always been important to me, I grew up in an environmentally aware family. I became a vegetarian in 2013 first because the industry has gone so crazy, I can't trust what's in my plate anymore; second because I couldn't be a part of mass animal slaughter and support such a polluting industry and finally because I do believe that boycott is a wonderful weapon.
I stopped using chemical products on my hair back in 2012, because it harmed it big time and I had better results with homemade and organic products. I also no longer feel guilty when I watch water going down the drain while taking a shower because I know the products I use are not harming the water tables.
My journey to improve my health and the health of the planet has now taking me to a point where I pledge that from now on I will only buy cosmetics that are vegan, cruelty free and organic.
However, I am not throwing away all the make-up I still have, I'll keep using it until everything is gone.

All my partnerships, paid or not, as marked as such in my posts.
I only accept partnerships, paid or not, that go along with my personal beliefs and interest myself as well as my audience.


Where do you live ? : Paris' suburb. I lived for a year in London and looking forward to settle back there God willing.
How tall are you ? : 185cm. Don't know the height in inches. Just know that I'm taller than anyone you know.
What's you heritage ? : I'am French. My father is French. His father is French from Spanish and Portuguese ancestry. His mother is French from Burgundy. My mother Congolese.
When did you start blogging ? : I can't remember when I was not blogging. I had one too many blogs when I was a teen. Then I was on MySpace. Then Facebook. But I created this blog in 2010. I was ending high school and needed a fresh start. It was just some sort of non-regular diary until 2015 when I really put more effort into it.

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  1. You have an amazing bloooog!!!!! I love your swag and personality. Not to mention cheers to the multiple languages you speak! I'll be stopping by often.



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