I was travelling when we changed seasons so here's my delayed playlist of the tracks I played most this winter:

G-Eazy - Pick Me Up (ft. Anna of the North)

Ô G-Eazy I want to lick your face - wait what ? But I also want to listen to your music over and over again. Marry me. I don't do drugs.

Frank Ocean - Ivy

I took my time before listening to Frank Ocean's new stuff because I was kind of disappointed by the few tracks I heard but "Ivy" really stands out. Like, let's cuddle right !

Joey Purp - Girls @ (feat. Chance the Rapper)

Let's bring Spring already !

Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack

1996. My brother had good taste in music, he used to have it on mixtapes. Kids these days will never get how 90s RnB was precious.

Gap Dream - Go Ahead

I just loved that vintage sound. I can totally picture a montage in a film with Brits from the 60s having fun on the beach !

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Maneater

And sometimes I just go full vintage and unearth bangers from before I was even born. With a video clip that lives up to the 80s.

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On

Speaking of 80s bangers from times before my existence, this Frida song is probably the tune I played most this winter. It is SO 80s it hurts. It's pop Joan Jett, I love the angst ! Also, this video is everything the 80s were about, that and the haircut and them eyebrows. I wish I could have this song on IV.

BAYNK - What You Need (ft. NÏKA)

This sounds exactly like something that could have been in Hollister's playlist. I have PTSD. Also, it sounds exactly like the music in H&M changing rooms.


There is something about this track that is incredibly soothing and fills me with hope. I do not know why.

The xx - On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)

I am now convinced that Jamie XX is not a human being. He is something more. And this track takes me beyond infinity.

DJDS - Love Songs

For some reason I knew this song before I listened to it on Spotify. Is it a sample from another song ? Brains are weird.

Mija and Vindata - Better

I did not know about Mija until I read an article about her in Vice. She's the protégée of Skrillex but has this chill Californian vibe in her music I love. I would recommend listening to "Time Stops When I'm with You", different sound, more 90s.

Alice Glass - White Lies

Alice Glass sounds like Grimes on acid. I know Grimes already sounds like she's on acid. You get it. I just like how violent and cute at the same time this track is.

White Ring - Roses

This on the other hand is violent and creepy. It sounds like horror-Crystal Castles.

Nick Jonas - Chains

I shazamed this song in one of Shoreditch' hipster-est place and I am not ashamed. I was actually worried it might be Shawn Mendes or something. That drop tho !

Justin Bieber (feat. BloodPop®) - Friends

I mean if I can listen to Nick Jonas, who's gonna judge me for listening to The Biebs ?

Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive

I know it's old but the closer we got to our road trip in Florida, the more I had it stuck in my head. Also, I remember how I liked Rihanna's outfits in this video, this was me still being a bright emo kid, before it got all gloomy and dark.

Natasha Bedingfield - These Words

"Pocketful of Sunshine" is my "Easy A" song but that one is just a forgotten song from my childhood.

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

So I finally watched "Spice World" and here we are. This was my fav Spice Girls video back in the day.

Paris Hilton - Nothing In This World

I had no idea Paris Hilton's songs were actually quite good. They sound like what was Hillary Duff doing at the same time.

Russ - We Just Haven't Met Yet

Gosh, I thought Kanye West was done with rapping and took singing classes !

Tess - Dark But Beautiful

Easy pop song that brings us peacefully on the path of summer festivals !

Chairlift - Polymorphing

Good mood song for sunny Sundays warm at home !

Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster

Sometimes you just need heavy guitar to brighten up your day !

Biffy Clyro - Re-arrange

Biffy Clyro was performing at London's March 4 Women and did this song. We even got to talk to the singer behind the fence afterwards. Those blue eyes boy... Anyway, this song is so romantic. I thought Biffy Clyro was metal but it's sensitive af.

Lower Than Atlantis - Could Be Worse

Lower Than Atlantis was opening for Enter Shikari during their European tour and when they started playing I realized I knew a shit load of their songs but did not know it was them. Also, the frontman strangely reminds me of the guy I was madly in love with in high school (who also looks like Gerard Way to me, go figure) so I'm INTO Lower Than Atlantis now.

Don Broco - Come Out To LA

It seems like it is impossible for me to publish a playlist now without including my babies Don Broco. This one is kind of different because the main vocals are done by Matt and not Rob. And the video is amazing as usual kudos Terminator fans out there.

The Word Alive - Trapped

Am I a real emo now that I listen to The Word Alive ? Joke aside, I love the lyrics. I listened to "Misery" a lot as well.

Our Last Night - Free Radicals

More emo bands, more real lyrics.

Asking Alexandria - Into The Fire

I only knew one Asking Alexandria song which sounded very electronica/emo, this sounds completely different. I am intrigued now, I want to see them live.

Get Scared - Setting Yourself Up for Sarcasm

At first I thought it was Crown The Empire but turns out it's not.

Metallica - One

I was just looking for outfits to upload in my Sims game and found myself scrolling on a website which had this iconic Metallica song playing in the background.

Which songs did you play most recently ?

Armelle De Oliveira

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