Avec Jaël et Amelia on a profité d'une journée chaude d'été pour prendre le train en gare de Victoria direction Margate. Amelia voulait y aller depuis un bout de temps et pour ma part j'ai été séduite par un article de "ELLE" sur la ville où Pete Doherty, chanteur des Libertines, y a largué les amarres.

On a passé la journée à errer dans les jolies rues pittoresque de la ville, à faire les débiles sur le port... On a mangé un sandwich un peu surcôté quasiment les pieds dans l'eau chez Cheesy Tiger, puis dégusté une glace absolument délicieuse de chez Gelato Melt sur la plage (après avoir fait tous les vendeurs de glace de la ville parce que soit attrape touriste, soit super pas aimables). Avant de partir on a pris une bière pour trois kopeck chez Wetherspoon avec vu sur la plage du haut de la terrasse. 

Mais on n'a pas vraiment visité Margate si on ne fait pas un arrêt au Dreamland, parc d'attraction un brin old school et rustique (j'y tournerai bien un film d'horreur) au coeur de la ville. Ca casse pas trois pattes à un canard mais c'est très agréable. On a fait un tour sur la grande roue et ça suffisait amplement !

C'était une escapade très sympa à à peine 2 heures de train de Londres. Ca change de Brighton dont je vous ai déjà parlé. A visiter d'urgence avant que la hype ne ruine tout !

J'en ai profité pour filmer à l'iPhone un petit vlog. N'hésitez pas à me dire si le format vous plaît !

Armelle De Oliveira



There were many red carpets last season which are ALWAYS a source of inspiration.
I also liked some stuff on Tumblr so here we are :



Don't get mad at me, I know I've spammed Instagram with a shit ton of metal videos when I attended Download Festival Paris. It's only normal that in order to build up for the festival, I mostly spent my time listening to rock/metal jams last season. You'll get through it.

Avenged Sevenfold - Gunslinger

I am not A7X biggest fan, only listened to them for the first time I'd say a year ago but I'm deeply in love with the singer's voice. It sounds like vintage rock bands, I love it. I love the drama in this song.

Good Charlotte - The River ft. M. Shadows, Synyster Gates

Speaking of Avenged Sevenfold's singer - M. Shadows - I love the touch he adds to this already AWESOME Good Charlotte song. I remember when "Good Morning Revival" came out. I went to see Good Charlotte with a classmate at an unplugged gig in a store in Paris. I remember how everyone kept bitching about this album being so different from "old Good Charlotte" (I feel like every band goes through this). Maybe it's because I'm older now, I actually enjoy it.

AFI - Beautiful Thieves

Speaking of albums being trashed by fans: I was one of those who bitched about "Crash Love" when it came out. I mean how could AFI go from "Sing The Sorrow" (this album is carved on my heart) and "DECEMBERUNDERGROUND" to "Crash Love" ? HOW ? But again, I'm older now, and with everything that happened last summer, it feels like I'm getting full circle falling in love with this album now.
Let's talk about that video ! It actually made me laugh SO HARD when I watched it. The straight edge storyline is making me gasp for air ! So clever ! And that Davey Havok smirk... Gosh, I would instantly DIED if Davey did that face in front of me !

Motionless In White - Necessary Evil feat. Jonathan Davis

Found this song on my Spotify specially curated thanks to bots playlist. I loved the industrial notes in the intro and the Marilyn Manson-esque voice. Oh and Jonathan Davis is on it ! I'm sold ! Do not watch the video for the song, it's very not straight edge.

Marilyn Manson - (s)AINT

Speaking of Marilyn Manson whom I had the privilege to see perform at Download Festival Paris... Again do not watch the official video for this song, it's almost unbearable to watch, it is basically porn. But the song is fire.

Picturesque - Monstrous Things

Let's move on from metal to super emo. This Picturesque song is 2000-and-late: it sounds like every emo band in the 00s. Still pretty good tho' ! And the singer looks like Jemima Kirk.

Silverstein - Broken Stars

My 15 yo emo self only listened to Silverstein after my highschool crush asked me to go see them live together. But I declined because I was broke and did not know the band. Thinking about it now, maybe it was a weird way for him to ask me out... Anyway, Spotify thought it was clever to suggest this song and I only loved it after the breakdown. Pretty epic. Hey boy, ask me out again now I have money and I know Silverstein !

Billy Talent - Viking Death March

But Billy Talent we both knew well, unfortunately we never had the opportunity to awkwardly ask each other out to see them live as I only saw them live for the first time at Download Festival Paris. Well "see", not really. I heard their last three songs of their set - including this one and "Red Flag" and "Fallen Leaves" - while queuing to get access to the site. Ô the disappointment... One more excuse to go see them "again".

Trapt - Headstrong

How come I did not knew this song when I was 14 ? It sounds like pretty much everything I was listening to at this time.

Beartooth - The Lines

I was looking forward to be introduced to Beartooth after I took a stupid test online and Beartooth came up as the band that matched my personality the most. So here we are !

Don Broco - Greatness

Broco did it again with another one of those great videos they have all the secrets of ! Nice dance moves to a great song. Also, Rob liked one of my comments on IG but no big deal. (I secretly started planning our wedding years ago, so this is basically him saying "I do" to me).


Amy Valentine always has the best songs in her YouTube videos. This is one of them. I love how she always uses angsty women tracks !

Marmozets - Born Young and Free

Looking up on Deezer for "Play" by Marmozets that Amy Valentine used in one of her videos as well, I found "Born Young and Free" which sounds like a more brutal version of Paramore's "Born For This".

Portishead - Mysterons

But women-lead bands are not always angsty. I re-discovered this song from "Dummy" and oh this 90s gloomy vibe is precious. I can totally picture this scene that was in all movies and tv shows back then of a girl dressed with flared pants, cropped top and platform shoes dancing in slow motion with grungy effects to that song.

Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat Song (Day O)

On the plane to Miami, I watched Beetlejuice for the first time (go ahead and judge me and my goth side) and finally was able to put a name on those super famous songs - with "Jump In The Line" - but never know who is the singer. Still amazed that this is the original track sampled on Lil Wayne's "Six Foot, Seven Foot". Oh gosh, "Jump In The Line" got stuck in my head for days !

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

So we went to the Irish pub of Naples, FL on St Paddy's day and they kept playing tunes that I only knew because of Glee. Enough to convince me to go on a throwback strike on Spotify.

Tinashe - Joyride

Remember when I said Tinashe should put up to work and stop releasing dumb pop songs and go back to her edgier roots ? Looks like she did it. This song is sending me so far...

Kendrick Lamar feat. SZA - All The Stars

My housemate in London kept playing this song when I was obsessed with the next one. I feel like the house was jamming to this and Kid Cudi's track for a whole month in late March/early April.

Kid Cudi - The Rage

To be completely honest, THIS is actually the song I played most last season. I remember being completely depressed because I was leaving London and exhausted by night shifts at work, and then this song came out when spring was blooming in London and gave me butterflies. I was exploring the streets with this on repeat in my earphones, I was angry but at peace at the same time. That's the soothing effect of Cudder's voice. I missed him, dearly.

Stromae - Défiler

Another artist I dearly missed was Stromae. Thank goodness he is back with his bittersweet music. Soothing.

Orelsan - La Pluie feat. Stromae

Thanks to Deezer, I was ready to enjoy Orelsan's show at We Love Green. I know I'm late at the "La Fête est Finie" listening party but I feel like I discovered "La Pluie" exactly when I needed. When I was bitter for leaving London and Paris weather was all moody. Stromae's creative genius hit me right in the feels again with this song. In regards to Orelsan, I would also recommend checking out "Christophe" but that's very French so maybe foreign folks won't get it.
Regarding the video: I have to admit that I have always been weirdly attracted to Stromae, there is something in his features and his figure that is almost otherwordly. And in this video, it's not Stromae, it is Paul Van Haver, he stripped from all the Stromae apparel and mask and it's just him and just tie me to a chair. Look at his hair, look at his eyes, look at his everything. He is so handsome and attractive. I want to hang out in a flooded supermarket with him as well.

Naive New Beaters - Jersey

Heard that song again for the first time in a long time and I was like "goooosh, I miss the NNBS". Last time I saw them live was like two or three years ago. I saw them I think 4 or 5 times in a year. I love the Naive New Beaters SO MUCH. I think it is the band I've seen live most. So I tweeted about me missing them and they messaged me back. Ô the love !

La Roux - Uptight Downtown

WHERE IS LA ROUX ? We all miss her too !
I love how her songs are perfect for summertime cocktails by the pool (as if). You know what I mean !

A-Trak & Dillon Francis - Money Makin

Thank you Spotify for introducing me to this track and getting me super hyped for summer.

Bloody Beetroots feat. The cool Kids - Awesome

Listening to Bloody Beetroots forgotten jams ten years after I first heard about them. I still have the drumstick I caught first row at Sziget Festival. (PS: do not watch the official music video, it's graphic and violent, in the same kind as Justice's "Stress").

Armelle De Oliveira



I attended We Love Green festival on the first day with Syana and her posse. She was invited by We Pique Nique and kindly offered me to be her +1 (well, I asked months ago to be her +1 if she was invited).
We agreed to get there on time for Baba Stiltz but never rely on Black people when it comes to be on time. We missed him. And Ibeyi because we stayed in the VIP area for too long. That's the thing: the bigger the crew, the longer it gets to do ANYTHING. "Where is blablabla?", "where do we meet/go?", "who's going to the loo?", "what show do you want to watch?"... Oh the time we lost agreeing on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. At some point I had to thump the table to make sure we did not miss Lomepal. But after that show I lost the whole group and decided to head to Beck's stage and arrived on time for "Loser" which made my day so far. An hour later, I finally bumped into Syana, I was hangry so we grabbed a bite and everything was better. We went to the loo and that's when I heard Orelsan doing "Basique" so I sang while peeing. We headed to the stage and Syana was all moody because she does not like Orelsan. But I got to dance on "La Pluie" and "Christophe" before we left because Migos was starting. And boy, it was NOT worth it. Everyone in the crowd was very confused at their performance. They kept hyping the crowd playing ten seconds of their most famous tunes and stopping them when everyone got in the mood. Even Syana got bored and we left to go see Jamie xx. Jamie xx is kind of autistic while performing, almost does not look the crowd, barely interacts so I guess it was confusing for peeps who do not know his level of genius. That was the case of Syana who got bored after twenty minutes - which is in the average haha but we decided to leave before the end of his set to get the last trains home.
As you can see from the video, We Love Green was a lot of walking, beer drinking, bouncing house jumping, talking, playing and also a little bit of music listening.
Looking forward to Download Festival this weekend !

Je suis allée au festival We Love Green pour le premier jour avec Syana et ses potes. Elle était invitée par We Pique Nique et m'a proposé d'être son +1 (en vrai, j'avais déjà placé mes cartes depuiiiis pour qu'elle m'invite).
On s'était dit qu'on se retrouverait à Vincennes pour être à l'heur pour Baba Stiltz mais vous savez comment sont les Noirs et la ponctualité. Bref on l'a loupé. On a aussi loupé Ibeyi parce qu'on a perdu trop de temps dans l'espace VIP (aight). Le truc c'est que comme n'importe où, plus y a de gens, plus tu galères. "Il est où machin?", "on va où ?", "on se retrouve où?", "vous voulez voir qui?"... Putain le temps qu'on a perdu pour se mettre d'accord sur tout et rien... A un moment j'ai du frapper du poing et exiger qu'on aille voir Lomepal sinon on n'était pas rendu. Après son concert, j'ai perdu tout le groupe et j'ai décidé d'aller jeter un oeil à la scène où se trouvait Beck. Je suis arrivée juste avant qu'il entonne "Loser", ça a un peu fait ma journée. Une heure plus tard j'ai enfin réussi à retrouver Syana mais j'avais archi faim donc j'étais pas très fun. On a mangé et tout allait déjà beaucoup mieux. Après on est allée pisser et aux toilettes j'ai entendu Orelsan monter sur scène et faire "Basique" du coup j'ai chanté dans les toilettes. En sortant, j'ai entraîné Syana devant la scène. Elle était archi blasée parce qu'elle aime pas Orelsan donc j'ai dansé sur "La Pluie" et "Christophe" puis on a bougé pour aller voir Migos. EH BAH C'ETAIT ARCHI NUL ! Tout le monde était déconcerté. En fait ils ambiançaient tout le monde en faisant les premières minutes de leurs morceaux les plus connus puis s'arrêtaient en cours de route. Hyper relou, même Syana était gonflée alors que c'est elle qui a insisté pour qu'on aille les voir. Du coup on s'est barrée pour voir Jamie xx. Bon bah je pense que clairement ceux qui n'admire pas le génie de Jamie (coucou Syana) se sont un peu fait chier mais moi j'ai kiffé. On est parti avant la fin pour pas trop galérer niveau transport (j'ai quand même mis 3 heures à rentrer chez moi) donc je reste sur ma faim pour Jamie.
Comme vous pouvez le voir dans la vidéo, We Love Green ça été beaucoup de bière, de rire, de papotage et un peu moins de musique mais j'ai quand même VRAIMENT kiffé !
Trop hâte pour le Download Festival ce week-end !

Any festival planned soon ?
Vous allez faire des festivals cet été ?

Armelle De Oliveira



The world outside is a jungle and I am the weakest creature of the animal kingdom.
I can't take any decision by myself - including life changing ones.
For as long as I can remember, I hid behind my sister for such decisions.
She's the King Kong of the jungle - understand determined, wise but quick-tempered, sometimes a bully.
I can't say "no" for shit and it got me in really tough/awkward situations.
I hate myself for being the one who always tries to please everyone even if it means basically hurting myself.
I am being eaten alive in this jungle.
Being so weak is really crippling when you're working in my field. It is even worse when you're a blogger.
I never say to people they take shitty pictures of me because I do not to hurt them, but in the end, I'm paying the price for it because I post shitty pictures here and on social media.
In the blogging universe, you have to be a lion, ready to fight and conquer, and eat alive any concurrence.
If you're a sloth like me, you're not going anywhere.
I feel like I like trapping myself in this engrenage where I pick jobs where basically I'm going to suffer and suck.
Thank God for my sister, for Syana, Anoushka and Oriane who bear with me when I'm just a piece of shit in this jungle.

Jacket Camaïeu / Top Pimkie / Pants Dr Denim / Boots &Other Stories / Belt Asos / Bag Primark / Necklace Zaful

Armelle De Oliveira
Photos: Jaël



Bon à la base j'avais shooté ce look pour vous présenter une façon de se sapper comme jaja pour le Nouvel An. Mais vu que je suis une flemmarde de ouf, j'ai jamais fait ça. Et aujourd'hui c'est mon anniversaire alors je fais ce que je veux. T'as qu'à te dire que c'est une idée de tenue de soirée d'anniversaire. Voilà. Y a des sapins de Noël dans le décor, tu vas faire quoi ?
I really wanted to publish an "New Years outfit ideas" post in December but got lazy and it never happened. And since today's ma birthday and idgaf, I decided to publish the pics. Take it as a "birthday party outfit ideas" post. Do not mind the Christmas trees in the background ok. Bye.

Jacket Adidas x Hypebeast / Bra Shaka Ponk x Undiz / Skirt Monki / Boots Zara

Prêts pour les looks d'été ?
Who's ready for summer looks ?

Armelle De Oliveira
Photos: Syana



My 26th (OH MY GOSH) birthday is coming soon so I thought I should gather ideas. Seems like I'm still 16 - which is exactly what a grown person scared to get old would say...

Mon 26ème (OH PUTAIN) anniversaire arrive à grande vitesse et je me suis dit qu'il était temps de rassembler des idées de cadeaux. D'après cette liste, j'ai encore 16 ans. Mais bon c'est exactement ce que disent tous les vieux qui essaient de se rassurer.


Disco pants ; Metallic Leggings American Apparel

Such a shame that American Apparel went bankrupt exactly when I could afford buying stuff from them. I've been crushing on their black disco pants (I had a similar pair from Primark but sadly had to throw them away when they went bad) FOR YEARS. I know they would perfectly fit since I already own a pair of riding pants from them. And their leggings ! Ô they would go with everything in my wardrobe, especially loose tees and my pair of Creepers... But I now have to go through their US website since they shut down the EU one. Fuck.

Quel dommage qu'American Apparel ait fermé toutes ses boutiques justement au moment où j'avais enfin les moyens de m'offrir leurs pièces. Je lorgne les disco pants noirs (j'en avais une paire excellente de chez Primark mais elle a fini par rendre l'âme) depuis des années. Je sais qu'ils m'iraient parfaitement bien puisque je possède déjà une paire de riding pants de la marque. Et leurs leggings ! Ils iraient avec toutes mes fringues, surtout mes t-shirts larges et mes Creepers. Mais il faut désormais passer par le site américain puisqu'ils ont fermé leur site européen...

Just TAKE MY MONEY ! My birthday will be as joyful as Drop Dead clothes. Ô my, check out these cuts ! Tell me who I should transfer my money to !

PRENEZ MON ARGENT ! Mon anniversaire sera aussi joyeux que les slogans sur les vêtements Drop Dead. Non mais vous avez vus ces coupes ?! Je fais le virement où ?!

Depuis le temps que j'attends ça... J'ai découvert AFI quand j'avais 15 ans et ce groupe - surtout cet album "Sing The Sorrow" - a sauvé ma vie au sens propre. Ayant découvert le groupe quand il commençait à tomber aux oubliettes, il a toujours été compliqué de trouver du merchandising - vous connaissez ma passion pour le t-shirt de groupes - surtout du merchandising de cet album. J'ai un t-shirt sauvegardé dans ma wishlist Ebay depuis des années mais je n'ai toujours pas franchi le cap. J'ai trouvé un t-shirt AFI à Hot Topic à Los Angeles mais il me faut VRAIMENT celui de "Sing The Sorrow".

I've been waiting for this for so long... I first fell in love with AFI when I was 15 and this band - especially the "Sing The Sorrow" album - literally saved my life. Because I found out about them when they were beginning to fall out, it has always been hard to find merch - you know my obsession with band tees - especially "Sing The Sorrow" merch. There's one tee saved in my Ebay wishlist for years but I still have not bought it. I found an AFI tee in Hot Topic in Los Angeles but I NEED this one.


Depuis que j'ai récupéré ma chaîne hi-fi je ne jure que par les disques. J'ai envie d'acheter tout plein de disques, sans aucune honte: "The Spark" d'Enter Shikari, "Avril Lavigne"... d'Avril Lavigne, les albums de Bring Me The Horizon qu'il manque, "ARTPOP" et "The Fame" de Lady Gaga, tous les albums de Kid Cudi, ceux d'Ellie Goulding aussi, l'album d'Harry Styles...

Ever since I got my stereo back, I've been willing to buy so many records. No shame: Enter Shikari's "The Spark", Avril Lavigne's "Avril Lavigne", all the Bring Me The Horizon records I do not already own, Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" and "The Fame", every single Kid Cudi album out there in the universe, the first two Ellie Goulding albums, Harry Styles' album...

Puisque c'est bientôt la saison des festivals, voici la liste de ceux où j'aimerais me rendre: Lollapalooza Paris, We Love Green, Download Festival (France ou UK), Rock En Seine, Lovebox, Reading ou Leeds. Voilà ça fera à peu près 1000€. Salut.

Since festival season is ready to kickstart, here's the list of the ones I'd like to attend: Lollapalooza Paris, We Love Green, Download Festival (France or UK), Rock en Seine, Lovebox, Reading or Leeds. That's a total of 1000£ more or less. Buh bye.

If I could also get a job, an appartment and a husband, that'd be cool. Thanks.
Si je pouvais aussi avoir un boulot, un appart et un mari, se serait cool. Cimer.

Armelle De Oliveira