Winter has definitely been a rock'n'roll season for me with a dash of French rap. Here you go:

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again '87

I don't even know how I stumbled across this gem. You've got to love guys with perms !

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World

It does not sound at all like the Neil Young songs I listen to, but the message is important and the music is good.

Shinedown - Cut The Cord

The kind of track that blesses your ears ! Never heard of the band but pretty sure that with such talent they're big !

Space Of Variations - TIBET

I think these two songs are similar because of haunting children's choir in the background. They're both bangers.

Asking Alexandria - Moving On

Almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this song I was randomly listening to and that sounded so vintage was actually Asking Alexandria. It sounds so different from "A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta".

Sleeping with Sirens - One Man Army

So I told you last season that I now listen to Sleeping With Sirens which means I totally missed the hype over this good looking frontman band. This is easy to listen and a good track.


Already told you about my obsession with FEVER 333. I am now trying to find out how I am going to see them live this summer. They're only doing Download Festival but the lineup is not compelling so...

Marmozets - Weird and Wonderful

Marmozets ! Again ! Here's one that I asked Alexa to play on repeat in December ! Kept me warm while dancing in my freezing bedroom.

YONAKA - Death By Love

YONAKA ! Again ! I cant' get enough of this band, can't wait for All Point East with Bring Me The Horizon!

Bring Me The Horizon - sugar honey ice & tea

Speaking of Bring Me The Horizon... The band finally released their new album "amo" and it was disappointing. The real bangers were already out ("MANTRA" and "wonderful life"). "Mother Tongue" and "nihilistic blues" are ok but the rest is meh. Except "sugar honey ice & tea" which makes me headbang HARD.

Waterparks - Stupid For You

Ok, so I thought Waterparks was a different band I've been told about. So I gave it a listen since they're playing Slam Dunk this year. Turns out: it's not the band I was thinking of AND it is pretty good. Some songs like "We Need To Talk" and "Not Warriors" have this California cool vibe (I can definitely imagine them making it to the Hollister playlist); "11:11" might be a bit too edgy for the Hollister playlist but we still have that California cool vibe; "Blonde" is very similar to "Stupid For You" which is the one I played on repeat in late February/early March; but more recently I have "Dizzy" on repeat because the lyrics are on point and the anger is giving me life.  I like that Waterparks sounds all cute but actually adresses depression quite a lot. Reminds me of Paramore.

Emarosa - Cautious

Another band that has this California cool vibe: Emarosa. I was bitchy about their music when they opened for Don Broco in Paris but their music is actually quite catchy. I'd recommend you guys listen to "Hell Of It" which is way less poppy and angrier than "Cautious".

The Amazons - Mother

Probably with Waterparks' "Stupid For You" the song I listened to the most last season - and it only came out like two weeks ago. It is SO GOOD. It has that Deadweather violence with a Nothing But Thieves vibe; ngl The Amazons take my money ! No wonders they are Jaël protégés and she introduced me to them in Autumn. Can't wait to see them at Community Festival this Summer ! Please listen to "Little Something Too" !

The Amity Affliction - Drag The Lake

I find the verses quite cringy but the chorus hits me in the feels !

Wildways - Till I Die

Listened to this song WAY MORE than I should've. Then I discovered they were Russian which is exotic *wink wink* and then I found out it was a Machine Gun Kelly cover and I was like "uh ok". But it's still pretty ok.

The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Found myself spontaneously dancing and Shazaming this song in Ikea in Brooklyn. Turns out it was in GTA. The video is very much on point with the Black Cowboy thing going on at the moment.

Starship - We Built This City

This one was also in GTA. But only decently gave it a go after Don Broco's show in Paris when everyone started an impromptu Macarena on it.

Marilyn Manson - Cry Little Sister

Asked Alexa to play Marilyn Manson on shuffle. Found this gem that reminded me of the whole Download Festival vibe.

Mikebøi - Missed

Heard it at my friend's, immediately spotted the T.a.T.u. sample and she didn't believe me. We had to listen to the OG song for her to recognize that I have master's ears when it comes to music.

Darius & FKJ - Ô

When I went to Istanbul, it was so peaceful by the water that only Roche Musique's sound could fit the vibe so I unearthed this gem from Darius and FKJ...

Zimmer - Moonrise

... as well as this gem from Zimmer. Roche Musique really is the best with summer vibes. "Lost Your Mind" is pretty precious as well.

Silmarils - Va y Avoir du Sport

Summer is coming and for some reason my brain was like "let's find this song from your childhood" so here you go !

Matt Houston - R'n'B 2 Rue

You can blame my sister who decided to play this track loud one morning in New York to help us wake up and get ready: it worked ! It was such a banger when we were ten ! I couldn't understand a word and now that I do, I feel like my ears tried to protect me.

Disiz La Peste - Kaïju

And then in late February/early March I fell in the trap of French rap. Disiz has always been one of my fav. He is SO talented.

$-Crew - On va le faire

I guess the last days of Winter making room for Spring is the perfect moment of the year to listen to this cold but summery tracks (does that make sense?). It smells like cold nights in Paris waiting for the nightbus home after enjoying the last rays of sunshine in the warmth of the city.

Nekfeu - Squa

It took me a couple of years before giving a proper listen to Nekfeu's "Cyborg" and it is full of gems like "Saturne" and "Réalité Augmentée". To be honest, "Feu" was so good I was scared "Cyborg" wouldn't compete with it. But it's pretty good !

Youssoupha - Devenir vieux

This song immediately made me feel something intense: sadness, loneliness. From Youssoupha's flow to the instrumental, I could feel the song in my veins. I absolutely love it. Please listen to "M'en Aller" which is very much different, with lots of African vibes. Reminds me of childhood.

Gaël Faye - Irruption

To be honest, this is one of the best rap song I heard in years. The lyrics are insanely good. Me again being three years late to the party...

Aya Nakamura - Pookie

Me being late to the party means I only discovered the psychotic effects of being addicted to this song. Aya Nakamura rocks.

Rilès - Thank God

A friend tried to introduce me to Rilès a couple of years ago but I didn't want to hear about this pretentious (I thought he was pretentious probably because I was jealous of his talent) but this song really hit home. Sometimes you're just not ready.

The Toxic Avenger - Adrenaline (Feat. Sophie Tith)

France got talent ! I like how gloomy and terrifying this track sounds like. Is it Halloween already ?

Avril Lavigne - Everybody Hurts

Had a little bit of a hard time mid Feb/early March, all these overnight shifts were getting to my head and I had a nervous breakdown at some point. Thank goodness I had this Avril Lavigne song to keep me going. I also gave a listen to her new album and found some good tracks like "Birdy". The fact that she wrote "Everybody Hurts" with her ex-husband Deryck Whibley absolutely warms but also breaks my heart at the same time. They should've been endgame.

Holy Wars - Born Dark

Recommended by AFI's Adam Carson himself in Deezer's ROCKET by AFI playlist. If I vlog one of the festival I attend this summer, this is defo going to be the soundtrack.

Princess Nokia - Mine

So... do y'all think Ariana Grande's ripped off Princess Nokia's "Mine" on "7 Rings"? I do, the flow is too similar as well as the lyrics. Stop it Ariana: you're NOT black.

Zedd, Katy Perry - 365

I have literally been obsessed with this song as soon as it came out. The music is addictive and it's nice to hear Katy Perry's voice on normal tracks, not the childish pop she's been selling to us recently. More of this please.

Diplo - Boom Bye Bye (Feat. Niska)

I remember skipping this song after hearing a misogynistic line in the lyrics. But then I was like "wait a minute, the music is addictive !" duh it's Diplo. So this song has been one of my fav this season, perfect to shake your booty on your way to warmer temperatures !

FIDLAR - Can't You See

I like the cheeky Damon Albarn summery vibe in this song ! Also the lyrics should definitely go with the video I plan to record on why I don't fall for the fast fashion trap anymore. Oh you've got to love a song making fun of fashion victims and influencers !

While She Sleeps - GOOD GRIEF

While She Sleeps is really good at these guitar solos ! Reminds me of Monte Money in Escape The Fate back in the days...

The Pale White - Medicine

The perfect cool but a bit angry song to change seasons to.

Send me your fav tracks !

Armelle De Oliveira

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