The world outside is a jungle and I am the weakest creature of the animal kingdom.
I can't take any decision by myself - including life changing ones.
For as long as I can remember, I hid behind my sister for such decisions.
She's the King Kong of the jungle - understand determined, wise but quick-tempered, sometimes a bully.
I can't say "no" for shit and it got me in really tough/awkward situations.
I hate myself for being the one who always tries to please everyone even if it means basically hurting myself.
I am being eaten alive in this jungle.
Being so weak is really crippling when you're working in my field. It is even worse when you're a blogger.
I never say to people they take shitty pictures of me because I do not to hurt them, but in the end, I'm paying the price for it because I post shitty pictures here and on social media.
In the blogging universe, you have to be a lion, ready to fight and conquer, and eat alive any concurrence.
If you're a sloth like me, you're not going anywhere.
I feel like I like trapping myself in this engrenage where I pick jobs where basically I'm going to suffer and suck.
Thank God for my sister, for Syana, Anoushka and Oriane who bear with me when I'm just a piece of shit in this jungle.

Jacket Camaïeu / Top Pimkie / Pants Dr Denim / Boots &Other Stories / Belt Asos / Bag Primark / Necklace Zaful

Armelle De Oliveira
Photos: Jaël