Here are the tunes I played most the last three months. Imma start with the heavy stuff so no one notices at first that I am a fucking Directioner.
Voici les morceaux que j'ai le plus écouté ces trois derniers mois. Je commence avec les trucs un peu vénère pour que personne ne se rende tout de suite compte que je suis un Directioner.

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The older I'm getting the more I listen to old school rock music like Black Sabbath. I wish I was alive and kickin' in the 70s !
Plus je vieillis, plus j'écoute du rock à l'ancienne comme Black Sabbath. J'aurais tellement kiffé dans les années 70 !

Papa Roach - Born For Greatness

But I can always count on Spotify to put bands on my way that remind me of my good ol' emo days. And what band could do a better job at it than Papa Roach ? They just came out with new music and that song is per-fect for that emo revival spirit. They also did a song with Machine Gun Kelly which is so 2007 it hurts.
Je peux toujours compter sur Spotify pour mettre sur ma route des groupes qui me rappellent mes bonnes vieilles années emo. Et il n'y a pas meilleur groupe pour ça que Papa Roach. Ils viennent juste de sortir un nouvelle album et cette chanson est par-faite pour faire revivre la vibe emo. Il ont aussi fait un duo avec Machine Gun Kelly qui ramène droit en 2007.

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

Am I ashamed of listening to Limp Bizkit in 2017 ? Yes, I am.
Est-ce que j'ai honte d'écouter Limp Bizkit en 2017. Oui.

Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho

I'm still in my teen angst phase and the sound of Puddle of Mudd is perfect, especially in "She Hates Me". What I like about "Psycho" is how it sounds like music at the crossroads of Nirvana, Seether and KoRn. Do you agree ?
Je suis toujours dans ma phase rock pour ado et les mélodies de Puddle Of Mudd sont parfaites, surtout dans "She Hates Me". Ce que j'aime dans "Psycho" c'est que ça sonne comme si Nirvana, Seether et KoRn faisaient un truc ensemble. Vous êtes d'accord ?

Don Broco - Pretty

I'm dying to see Don Broco live bloody hell ! I even considered for a while travelling to the Main Square Festival just to see them. But I'll finally see them perform at Lollapalooza and I am BEYOND excited !

Enter Shikari - Supercharge ft. Big Narstie

People have not been pretty nice to Enter Shikari for that song but me?... Damn, this loop at the beginning got me effffffed up. This is too good. I can see moshpits and people slamming to that song. Gosh, I really wish I'll be able one day to see 'em live.

Enter Shikari - Radiate

I don't know if it is pure coincidence or if the perspective of going back to London got me in a Shikari mood, but here I am, playing that song on repeat.

Rammstein - Sonne

I always had a soft spot for Rammstein as it was kind of my pride to have heard about 'em before anybody else I knew back then did. My sister and I were in Egypt and MTV was on most of the time when we were in our hotel bedroom. That's how we heard Rammstein's "Amerika" before everyone else as well as The White Stripes' "7 Nation Army". We also discovered Alice Cooper's "Poison" that very same summer. Back to school, I felt like the queen of darkness. And then kind of forgot about Rammstein... until recently. I had one of their songs stuck in my head and looked it up: it was "Sonne". Then in Bolivia, our driver through the Uyuni desert kept playing live versions of "MEIN HERZ BRENNT" and "Spielt mit mir" so here we are.

Daddy Yankee - Perros Salvajes

Speaking of Bolivia... When you're stuck for hours with a Bolivian driver in the desert, you kind of get used to his music. I love the instrumental of that song and I totally forgot about Daddy Yankee wow ! I also liked Yandel "Hasta Abajo" song which is kind of surprising when you know that I absolutely despise Spanish. And then I found myself back home adding songs like Papi Sanchez "Enamorame" to my Spotify playlist...

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

Our Bolivian driver also played this song in the car and it made me so nostalgic of my teenage years... even though that song came out before I was even born !

Scorpions - Still Loving You

Our Bolivian driver + my new appetite for old school rock music got me falling for Scorpions. He played "Holiday" in the car and back home I was like "I'm still loving youuuuuuu" in my bed room. Especially as I went through a tough love-involved phase when I came back from Bolivia...

Spooks - Things I've Seen

But my Spring has not only been about old school rock music but also old school hip hop r'n'b jams. I don't even recall I found this song back. I can remember it playing on the radio when I was a kid, sitting in the back of my father's van on the way back home from the swimming pool. This is what the early 00s did best in terms of hip hop r'n'b music. It was the same era than Coolio's "Gangster Paradise" and The Fugees. Ô the memories...

Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times

Ok now that I proved my musical knowledge and I earned my stripes: let's talk about Harry Styles. So... I'm a Directioner. Let that sink in. Now, I woke up super early to catch Hazza's interview on BBC 1 and listen to this track for the first time. I did not expect that. I expected something more upbeat but jeez, I love the Queen and Bowie vibe here (do not hate me for comparing him with them). It's a perfect song to yell when you drunk.

Niall Horan - Slow Hands

Boy... He grew up so fast ! I had mixed feeling about "This Town" (until I heard this amazing remix) but that one got me at the very first notes. Enjoy the sexy vibe !

ZAYN feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR - Still Got Time

I absolutely HATED that song the first times I listened to it, probably as much as I hate ZAYN. But I had to admit at some point the instrumental made my hips move. Bloody hell.

Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean, Migos

The reason I hated so much "Still Got Time" is because I felt it was a bad copy of ma baby Calvin Harris' song. The way ZAYN sings seems to copy Frank Ocean... Anyway, I am SO HAPPY that Calvin Harris is ditching this EDM phase and went back to his funky disco-ish vibes. Love him so much !

Alt-J - In Cold Blood

Since we're discussing babies coming back, I was so surprised when Alt-J tweeted their new track ! And of course it was amazing ! Can't wait to see them again at Lollapalooza !

Lady Gaga - The cure

Another baby - well it's Mother Monster but still - who came back is Lady Gaga. I'm not a huge fan of the small bits I heard from Joanne but "The Cure" is a really really good song.

Kygo feat. Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me

I literally played this song on repeat for an entire month. Selena Gomez' voice is so random it's easy to sing. And my love for Kygo has already been proved here.

Tinashe - Party Favors

Speaking of random voices... I have to admit I rooted for Tinashe for a long time but I think she could do way better than these sexy catchy songs. She has potential if she would just stop winning and put herself at work.

Rita Ora - Your Song

Can we please stop and talk about Rita Ora ? I get that Tinashe is underrated, she deserves it for now but ma baby Rita ? Poor thing, life has not been easy on her. Ed Sheeran is on her side. Be like Ed. Be on her side.

The Cardigans - Lovefool

Let's keep going down the girly music slide... Who remembers that song from the 90s? How do I even remember it, I was like... 2 !

Julia Michaels - Issues

This the girliest song I heard since Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe". And it's so catchy I immediately loved it. Bloody hell.

Mura Masa feat. Charli XCX - 1 Night

I already talked about Mura Masa in a previous playlist post. And I already discussed my love for Charli XCX on my blog. I looooove her from the attitude to the outfits to the Londoner accent. And of course her music ! She just released a new album and it is pure bomb ! I played it on repeat which did not happen since Grimes' last album. It feels good to know that Charli ditched the classic pop star sound to return to her underground-ish roots. I absolutely love the whole album and I am looking forward to see her perform at Lollapalooza !

Little Mix - Touch

This song I heard when Harry Styleswas in charge of the playlist on Grimshaw's show on BBC 1. It was my spring catchy singing-in-the-shower song. Did you listen to Ed Sheeran's cover though ?

Jax Jones feat. RAYE - You Don't Know Me

I shazamed this song on a girls' night because it was playing on my friend's who has the most terrible taste in music phone and I was too ashamed to ask. Sozz

Nina Sky - Move Ya Body

My sister and I also discovered that song in Egypt on MTV before it became a huge hit in France. Karma wanted us to be hipsters. Well after Bolivia, I was in this "do you remember everything you discovered in Egypt" phase and Nina Sky popped up in my mind. Gosh there were so beautiful, it was annoying and I started hating them for it. But this song was something !

Kaaris - Nador

Let's close this playlist with some French rap songs. Well I guess it was a bad idea to listen too many times to "Tchoin" on Spotify. It then suggested me to listen to "Nador" and I was screwed. Sometimes, Kaaris lyrics are really violent, misogynistic and rough but I don't know, I understand why he uses such language.

What did you listen to last season ?

Armelle De Oliveira



I discovered Metallica when I was 14 or maybe 13. Avril Lavigne covered one of their song and somehow I got intrigued to see what else this iconic band had to offer. I say iconic because on the radio, I kept hearing "Nothing Else Matters" which the anchor kept branding as iconic. And it is. Years after years, Metallica grew on me and I found to consider myself as a result as a fan. A what is a fan without a proper band t-shirt ?
I really hoped for a long time, I'd find one in a yard sale or a thrift shop, but it did not completely go as planned. In San Francisco last year, I did find many options in thrift shops but I tend to be super picky. I wanted it plain black, with just the "Metallica" sign in white on it. But all of them had various artworks on 'em that I did not really liked. Gosh, I already have so many tops with skulls on them, it has to stop.
Then Metallica came out with new stuff and the merch craze went bananas. You could basically find Metallica shirts e-ve-ry-where: H&M Divided, Bershka, Pull&Bear even Undiz, like come on guys ! So I was like "nu-uh I'm not buying that". Especially since they had a trademark line right under the logo which felt super off.
I ended up almost giving up with that ASOS man top in my wishlist and one day I decided to give it a shot. What do you think ? Weird right. Not sure I'm going to wear it again because I does not feel right. The quest for the Metallica shirt is still on.

J'ai découvert Metallica quand j'avais 13 ou 14 ans. Avril Lavigne avait repris une de leur chanson
et ça m'a intrigué. Je voulais en savoir davantage sur ce groupe emblématique. J'entendais toujours "Nothing Else Matters" sur Le Mouv' et l'animatrice disait toujours que ce groupe était légendaire. Et il l'est. Plus le temps passait, plus je tombais amoureuse de Metallica, jusqu'à me considérer aujourd'hui comme une fan. Mais suis-je vraiment fan si je n'ai pas de tee-shirt pour le prouver ?
J'ai espéré pendant longtemps en trouver un lors d'une brocante ou en friperie, mais tout ne s'est pas vraiment passé comme prévu. A San Francisco, j'en ai trouvé pas mal en friperie mais je suis super relou. Je voulais un tee-shirt noir avec uniquement le logo de Metallica en blanc dessus. Mais tous les tee-shirts que j'ai trouvé avait divers dessins dessus que je ne kiffais pas trop. Et puis bon, j'ai déjà trop de tee-shirt à tête de mort, il faut que je me calme.
Et puis ensuite, Metallica a sorti un nouvel album et ils étaient partout. On trouvait leur t-shirts chez H&M Divided, Bershka, Pull&Bear et même Undiz. Pour moi il était hors de question d'acheter ça. En plus c'était ridicule,
certains modèles avait carrément la phrase de copyright dessus, chelou.
J'allais abandonner quand ce top Asos man a fini dans ma wishlist. Un jour, j'ai craqué et j'ai tenté ma chance.
Qu'en pensez-vous ? Un peu bizarre non. Je ne suis pas sûre de le re-porter, je ne suis pas tout à fait à l'aise. On peut donc conclure que la recherche du tee-shirt Metallica parfait est toujours en cours.

Jacket Levi's / Metallica shirt Asos Man / Skirt Zara / Shoes T.U.K. Footwear

Armelle De Oliveira