Here's an outfit my sister actually photographed under the rain. It was one of those days when I had a spark of energy to use for my blog. It was at least one month ago, so yeah, the spark did not last long. It's just that with the giveaway and all the changes happening in my life at the moment, blogging (and everything that goes along which means Snapchat, Instagram, Instastory...) did not seem like a priority. For some of us bloggers it is really a job, a main occupation, for me it's just a hobby, a safety net just in case. But I did miss it, so here's what I got in store for you guys and hopefully more will come soon !
Aujourd'hui je vous présente une petite tenue des familles photographiée par la petite soeur (des familles donc) sous la pluie. C'était un des jours comme ça où mon cerveau me dit "il faut absolument que tu shootes une tenue pour la publier sur ton blog". Ma soeur a pris ses photos il y a plus d'un mois, vous comprendrez donc que parfois je refuse de faire ce que me dit mon cerveau. En même temps, avec le concours et tout ce qui se passe dans ma vie ("tu connais pas ma vie hein"), mon blog et tout ce qui va avec (Snapchat, Instagram, Instastory) a été clairement relégué au second plan. Si pour certaines blogueuses, bloguer est un boulot, une occupation principale, pour moi c'est juste un hobby, une roue de secours au cas où. Mais bon, ça m'a manqué alors voilà pour l'instant tout ce que j'ai en stock. On croise les doigts pour que mon cerveau me pousse à publier davantage rapidement.

Jacket Vintage / Top Bershka / Trousers Zara / Boots New Look

Armelle De Oliveira



Winter is over so here's a selection of the tracks I played most this season.

Sno - December

Because my winter was all about One Direction and discussing ZAYN music, I actually thought this was ZAYN. But it is not. It is waaaay better.

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You

I am a basic bitch. But I probably heard that song before mainstream people (hipster Armelle stop talking) because I literally clicked on the link as soon as Ed Sheeran published it. I have a vivid memory of having my hips moving after the first two notes and being like "wtf is happening to me ?". And then I was like "it sounds so much like Sia". Then I played this song on repeat for like 2 hours, and my hips hurt. A LOT. Also, "Divide" rocks like I want someone to write lyrics like that for me. Please.

Parker Ighile - This Is America (feat. G-Eazy)

I loved this song first because of that INSANE anxiety provoking instrumental. Also, there's my lover G-Eazy on it. And the lyrics couldn't make more sense now.

The Weeknd - False Alarm

I'm not the biggest fan of The Weeknd since fame won over his amazing music (so hipster of me to say that). BUT... This song has some sorts of Michael Jackson vibe (which makes sense because Abel & I are MJ's biggest fans). I only watched the video recently and was both shocked and amazed. Like this reminds me of GTA Los Santos opening mission and also the movie American Heist starring Hayden Christensen and Adrien Brody.

The Room - Room Of Angel (Silent Hill 4 OST)

I found an old blog of mine this winter and this song was featured on it. I remember as a teen having a thing for hunting songs. But I just discovered the lyrics and I had no idea they were so dark and scary !

Pictureplane - Gothstar

So I'm into "goth step" "witch house" or "witch disco" whatever it is called. It is basically slowed-down Crystal Castle-like music with a gloomier and dreamier vibe. Here are a few recommandations: Holy Other - Know Where, oOoOO - Hearts and Zomby - Soliloquy. Thank you Urban Outfitters for these discoveries. Also, I recommend listening to Classixx - Hanging Gardens which uses the exact same sample which is apparently a rip off of Fleetwood Mac - Seven Wonders.

Marilyn Manson - Third Day of A Seven Day Binge (Acoustic)

This sounds actually like an old Nirvana unplugged song. I like where Marilyn Manson is taking us on here. I wish people made more music like that nowadays.

Hole - Celebrity Skin

Speaking of Nirvana... I listened to that song a lot this winter and only discovered while writing that post that this is Courtney Love's band. Rock on gurl !

Seether - Gasoline

So yes I listened to a lot of 90s, 00s teen angst anthems in winter. And Seether was of course part of it. 

Nada Surf - Popular

You can see that in both Seether and Nada Surf videos, the aesthetics of "popular" bitches are similar. That's a useful analysis. Don't thank me. 

The Breeders - Cannonball

I can actually remember that this track was on most of the 90s films soundtrack. Shoutout to my 90s kids out there !

Chumbawamba - Tubhumping

This is also one of the 90s most iconic songs, wether or not you were in rock music or not. Like, if you know "Teenage Dirtbag", you've heard that one as well !

Falling In Reverse - Coming Home

So, let's talk about Ronnie Radke. I talked about him a lot on that blog because I'm a not-so-retired emo kid and I'm a fan of the guy. But I admit, I kind of jumped off the train when he started the crazy tweets and ego trips on Instagram. He sometimes insults fan in the comment section which is oh so immature and really irritating. Also, his music with Falling In Reverse is cool but not the greatest. And then, they dropped this, which is just like the comment section in YouTube sums it up Falling In Reverse meets 30 Seconds To Mars meets Angels and Airwaves meets some sort of Muse. So yes, it's pretty amazing.

Bloc Party - Banquet

Bloody hell ! I know this song as an iconic early 00s song as well but had no idea it was Bloc Party until this winter ! Come on, I had to wait for Urban Outfitters to teach me ! 

Etienne Daho - Comme un boomerang (feat. Dany)

So Valentine's Day is in winter so I looked up for this iconic French song originally performed by Serge Gainsbourg to cry my heart out for being single on that day for the 24th time. 

Marc Lavoine - Dis Moi Que l'Amour (feat. Bambou)

Another French song to suck it up on Valentine's Day. The video clip is sick though.

Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper

I found that track in Urban Outfitters' Halloween playlist on Spotify. It sounds so new but it was released like 40 years ago. WTF, right ?

Jeffree Star - So Fierce

For those of you who did not know before being a succesful Youtuber and business man, Jeffree Star was a emo scene boy who made the MySpace days ! And at some point, about 10 years ago, he started releasing music and that one was my favorite. Because Internet never forgets, I managed to find it on a former blog

1997 - Water's Edge

The pop song that put a smile on my face when I was a hypersensitive emo teenager. Ô the memories !

Gwyneth Paltrow - Party All The Time (Glee)

So old Glee episodes were airing on TV a random weekday morning and I fell in love again with that Eddie Murphy song (is that correct ?) sung by Gwyneth Paltrow. She was one of my favorite guest star in the show, back in the days.

Blood Orange - Chamakay

La chanson pour te détendre sous une douche brûlante en rentrant congelé du boulot le soir. Blood Orange sonne tellement vintage... Je veux à Rock en Seine s'il vous plaît !

Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One

I never listen to things people who used to excell in other careers do when they turn to music (sorry ScarJo) but I found this track on an Urban Outfitters playlist on Spotify and damn, doesn't it feel like Spring is on its way ? Like for reals ! And I am living for Sky Ferreira's looks in this clip !

Miguel - Waves (RAC remix)

This is perfect for a warm late winter, when you can feel the afterwork-drinks-on-a-terrace smell in the air.

Jamie XX - Far Nearer

May Jamie XX share his recipe for happy vibes please ? It feels like I'm in London in early-Spring listening to that track !

Tove Lo - Cool Girl

This track also has early-Spring in London vibes ! Will someone finally take me back ?

Mark Ronson - Glass Mountain Trust (feat. D'Angelo)

Like come on, Mark Ronson share your secret too ! This track got me so ready for Spring !

Enjoy Spring !

>Armelle De Oliveira



Spring is coming ! And in Paris, it's coming with a lot of rain. But nevermind, it is still time to prep up for the flower season. So I met up with my sister in Peonies, a flower and café place in Paris which serves vegetarian and organic food. Well, everything you need for Spring right ? I had an organic Matcha Latta and an avocado toast with cocoa on it and my sister had a raspberry lemonade with a slice of cake. The plates came in beautiful shades of pink, brown and green, spring colors ! As we were catching up and discussing family and upcoming Spring break plans, my new cool watch caught my sister's attention. It's a Jord Wood Watches I found in the women's watch section of Jord Wood Watches website. I was wearing the Fieldcrest one. I like its round feminine shape. The old school face of the women's watch makes me feel all grown up. But what surprised my sister is that the watch is made out of wood. It is indeed made of maple wood. What I like most about Jord Wood Watches is how transparent the brand is when it comes to detail the sourcing of the wood they use to create the watches. It explicitly tells you if the wood of the unique watch you're going to buy is made or not of a material listed as an endangered or threatened species. For instance, my women's watch is made of maple wood and it reads on the Jord Wood Watches that the wood was sourced in North America and that the species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. As an environmentally friendly person, it was decisive in me getting the watch to know that. And see how gorgeous it looks ! It fits my skin tone and is right in the spring shades ! I love how connected with nature and seasons my unique watch makes me feel as well. I won't brag, but I know my cool watch did not just caught my sister's attention in that café. I saw many intrigued glances at our table, especially the man next to me. No worries guys, there is also a men's watch section on Jord Wood Watches website !

Le printemps s'installe ! Et à Paris, il commence à s'installer avec beaucoup de pluie. Mais tant pis, c'est quand même l'heure de se préparer pour la saison des fleurs. Pour ce faire, avec ma soeur on a déjeuné à Peonies, un café qui vend aussi des fleurs à Paris. Ils servent des plats végétariens et bio, bref, tout ce dont on a besoin pour le Printemps ! J'ai pris un Matcha latte bio au lait d'amande avec une tartine d'avocat saupoudrée d'éclats de cacao et ma petite soeur a pris une limonade à la framboise avec une tranche de gâteau napolitain. Les plats étaient aux couleurs du printemps, rose, marron, vert... Pendant que nous rattrapions le temps en parlant famille et vacances de printemps, ma nouvelle montre trop cool a capté l'attention de ma petite soeur. C'est un montre Jord Wood Watches que j'ai trouvé dans la gamme montres pour femme sur le site de Jord Wood Watches. Je portais le modèle Fieldcrest. J'aime beaucoup sa forme ronde, très féminine. Le cadran un peu rétro me fait sentir comme une adulte. Mais ce qui a le plus surpris ma soeur, c'est que ma montre soit faite de bois. Elle est en effet en bois d'érable. Ce qui m'a le plus plu avec Jord Wood Watches c'est la transparence dont ils font preuve à l'égard de leurs clients en détaillant en toute honnêteté l'origine des bois qu'ils utilisent. Ils affichent clairement si le bois des montres uniques qu'ils vendent sont répertoriés comme en danger ou en voie d'extinction. Par exemple, ma montre pour femme est faite de bois d'érable et sur le site est expliqué qu'il provient d'Amérique du Nord et que ce type de bois n'est pas répertorié comme en danger. Etant écolo, mon premier réflexe a été de chercher ses informations pour savoir si oui ou non j'allais prendre une montre. Le bois d'érable était une très bonne idée, regardez comme ça me va bien au teint et colle aux couleurs du printemps ! Quand je porte ma montre au poignet, je me sens connectée aux saisons, à la nature... Je veux pas me la raconter, mais je sais que ma montre unique n'a pas tapé que dans l'oeil de ma soeur. J'ai vu des regards intrigués se perdre autour de notre table, notamment l'homme de la table d'à côté. Ne vous inquiété pas les garçons, il y a aussi des montres pour homme sur le site de Jord Wood Watches !



Jord Wood Watches vous offre la possibilité de régler vous aussi vos montres à l'heure du printemps. Dans ce concours, tout le monde est gagnant ! Oui, vous avez bien lu. Dès que vous participez, vous recevez un bon d'achat de 25$, et le grand gagnant du concours emportera un bon d'achat de 100$ ! Le concours est ouvert à l'international et prendra fin le 19 mars à 23h59. Les bons d'achats de 25$ et 100$ expirent le 31 mai 2017. CLIQUEZ ICI POUR PARTICIPER ! Bonne chance !

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Armelle De Oliveira
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