As the world is going nuts, I think it is a good thing to look back and remind ourselves of the lessons History taught us. If you're not into history books and documentaries, I would advise to prepare yourself a hot cocoa, grab a box of tissues and watch these films.

The Way Back

"Refugees". Nowadays, only mentioning this word in a social gathering can spark debates that may end up in fist fights (not talking from experience). Everyone talks about politics, diplomacy, laws, protectionism, nationalism, fear and worse. But let's just pause for a moment and think. Let's juxtapose "life and death situation" to the word "refugee". Reflect for a minute on what you would do if your world started falling appart and the only hope for you and your loved ones to stay alive was to flee.
I felt compassion while watching this film as well as admiration. These people are so brave for doing what they're doing. They are going through things they would not go through if their lives really were not at threat.
Funny how this all-white-casting film is moving and the world just keeps shrugging when brown people from Middle-East and Africa keep dying in the Mediterranean sea. Just saying.

La Rafle

I only want to say: this is what happens when you want to create a database of people from a specific religion, or ban them.
This film got me in tears for nearly half an hour after it finished. I never cry watching movies (well, I cried watching "Requiem For A Dream" and "The Help"), I usually manage to hold my tears. But at some point by the end of the film, I burst into tears and only managed to calm down way after the ending credits ended. I was just there, sitting on my bed, wondering where the world's madness come from.

12 years a slave

I find it funny how Black people learn more about their history from Hollywood flicks than from study books. I find it funny that these films are written by White people. I find it funny that even with more films about that matter, people still don't understand why Black people demande reparations. I find it funny that people still think racism is made up.

Armelle De Oliveira

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