I know I've been gone (again) a looooong time. My journalism school is taking me so much time. And then my computer died. And then I got an iPhone. And I installed Instagram.So here's my Instragramoda (nice pun) :
Je sais que j'ai encore disparu de la circulation pendant longtemps. Mon école de journalisme est extrêmement chronophage. Et ensuite c'est mon ordinateur qui a rendu l'âme. Puis j'ai eu un iPhone. Et j'y ai installé Instagram. Donc voilà mon Instagramoda:

First Valentine's Day gift EVER (cooked by a classmate)

End of the day at La Plagne ski

Noon at La Plagne

Walking Dead Marathon with my bestie and some treats

My Carlos by Carlos Santana heels I bought back in LA

My workout outfit and accessories

Champagne glass at Le Bazar De Nuit in Paris

Completely drunk singing Miley Cyrus at Le Raspoutine in Paris

Old pin-up shoot I did as I was an in-training model

Filming a report for school

Reading an awesome novel with my favorite rings

Yves Rocher covered me with gift in March !

Healthy snacks !

The prettiest Dame ever...

The Arc de Triomphe all dressed up for Xi Jinping's venue

Night is falling over the Eiffel Tower

Place de la République

Bought tops at Brandy Melville on Friday

New Look edgy heels my friend got me on employee discount !

So basically this is what happened to my life on since 2014 began. Thank you Steve Jobs !
Voilà grosso modo tout ce qui s'est passé dans ma vie depuis le début de l'année 2014. Merci Steve Jobs !

New post soon ! 

- Armelle De Oliveira

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