Two weeks ago I went to Belgium for a peaceful week-end. I know it' only been a month since I came back from New York, but that's just me, I can't stay in the same place for too long. So, with a friend, we boarded into a coach full of foreign students and went on the road for 4 hours straight to Brussels.


Brussels is the capital city of Europe - I think. There are a lot of European Institutions there. However, I was only there for the food. Wait what ? Well, yes, we had typical "french fries" - not so French though - in front of the stock exchange. We discussed feminism on the steps of the building. The weather was so nice and warm. So we decided to walk up to the big wheel and made our way back to the youth hostel we stayed in. Did I mentioned we got lost into the commercial streets of Brussels ? Well, we did. Thank you Google Maps for getting us back on the right path.

In the evening, we went to a very fancy restaurant and I had the most delicious meal ever. As I am vegeterian, it was a pain in the a** to find a restaurant there serving veggie dishes. So, at some point, I just pushed the door of a random restaurant and that was the one. Soft light, jazzy classical musical, people on dates, and just my bestie and I. We were feeling very akward but the food was amazing. I had a veggie millefeuille with crunchy courgettes, tasty carots and melting soft aubergine. It came with a plate of rice, but it was full of water so I barely touched it. Then, I still had room for desert so I ordered an homemade apple pie with vanilla ice-cream. It was delicious. We came out of the restaurant exhausted by the trip and the heavy diner but still had courage to go for a beer. We went to the famous Delirium pub. I had a Delirium because, well, I love Delirium beer and we were in Belgium, duh ! And my friend got a cherry beer. I can tell you guys that the time change was well timed (haha) and we saw it as a blessing from heaven. We slept like babies.

I did not took so many digital pictures of Brussels. First because for once, I wanted to enjoy it through my own eyes and not through a lens. But also because I took with me my disposable camera. I am still procrastinating and did not develop the film roll. But as soon as I do, I'll make sure to post the shots here. It is a first and I am really excited to see how the pictures will turn out !


The next morning, we went to Bruges. Its nickname is "Venice of the North". It is really touristic but when you wander around in the small streets, it feels like you've crossed a spatiotemporal gate and have been teleported to another era. The streets are paved, there are many old churchs and buildings, there are lovely small bridges. The sweet colours of autumn were already illuminating the trees and the smell of fall was blowing in the wind. It was peaceful and relaxing to spend the day there. We had a waffle of course and bought chocolates ha ! It is funny how Bruges reminded me of my beloved Amsterdam. I am really missing this city. I have been there three times in my life and still love the vibe there. The vibe in Bruges is similar, yet more soothing. I would totally come back to Bruges. It's not very far from Paris so, why not ?!


This is my "IDGAF, I'm a tourist" outfit. Basically, I just wanted to be comfortable during this weekend. So I'm wearing a Pimkie jacket, a Hollister top, a par of high-waisted Cheap Monday trousers and Jonak leather biker boots.
And my face is simply telling you "I am tired as f**k, but Imma do that tourist thang".
You're welcome.

Have you ever been to Belgium ? Would you ?

Armelle De Oliveira

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